Lightguide 3000 Series

The Lightguide collection is a high quality, low profile suspended luminaire collection with special light guiding acrylic panels. The clean lines combined with the transparency of the panels present an innovative 3-dimensional dynamic. Each 4’ fixture has superior photometric distribution, creating a daylight-like experience from artificial light. These visually captivating, 3/8” thick lightguiding acrylic panels, control and deflect sideways entering light downwards, from an almost invisible light source, while the upward light creates a luminous ceiling, which can be seen through the panels. Fixtures may be used individually or interconnected rows.

Lightguide Series Features:

  • Cast aluminum endcaps, aluminum trim and steel body
  • Polyester powder coat finish
  • Silver, white or custom colors available
  • Acrylic lens
  • 40w(4944lm), 60w(6960lm)
  • Color temperature – 3000k, 3500k
  • Fixtures may be interconnected or suspended
  • Universal Voltage (120v-277v)
  • Non-dimming or 0-10v/1-100% dimming
  • 5 year warranty / 50,000 hours
  • 0-10v dimming option