Gulfstream 3 Series

Linear Solutions

24V DC | 48V DC


Gulfstream 3® is designed as lighting solutions for both the interior and exterior of the building envelope. Cove lighting, Wall Grazing, Wall washing and Direct View in a single model. Compared to other luminaries Gulfstream 3® excels in its minimalist detail with controlled power. Its unique combination of all aspects of LED lighting technology, LED Sources and Optics, in simplified packages with homogenous clean lines meets every purpose imaginable with a better solution. Wall Grazing and Wall Washing are enhanced using add on secondary lenses that create more accurate light distribution. Indirect soft diffusion for Coves and unsurpassed direct viewing effects capable of withstanding the most challenging outdoor environments. The capability to connect up to 459ft continuously, for better building planning, economy and ease of application. Control with DMX, DALI or PWM.

Gulfstream 3 Series Features:

  • High performance – Very low profile
  • Long Continuous runs – Up to 459ft
  • Available in 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, 65K, Tunable White, RGB & RGBW
  • Accurate aiming
  • Up to 1754Lm/ft
  • Interior or Exterior applications
  • Complete choice of LED outputs & added secondary optics for tru-asymmetric to batwing optics
  • IP67